Great Party Theme Ideas

Everyone loves a party, it’s a great chance to get friends and family together for a fun packed evening to celebrate a special occasion or just have fun and catch up with people you may not see during your normal day to day life. Having a memorable and enjoyable party takes some planning and it’s best to start by thinking of some party theme ideas before you think of anything else. Planning a party with a theme is a good idea as it makes the organisational process a lot more enjoyable and focused and this will lead to an unforgettable night for everyone you invite. When you are trying to decide on the most suitable part theme ideas, try and take into account what kind of people are attending the party, the age groups and where you intend to hold the party. Next it’s a good idea to think of recent parties you have been to and try and remember what themes worked and what themes didn’t, although it’s best not to copy a successful one, it will give you an idea of the kind of thing that people enjoyed and give you inspiration for your own plans.

If you are thinking of party theme ideas for a children’s party it might be good to think about something they really enjoy doing. What is your child’s favourite book, film, TV program, animal or even sport? Once you know that it is relatively easy to incorporate this into a theme for the party. Most kids love Disney films and will have one that they like the best, basing your party on a popular film will have several benefits. In the first instance the kids will love dressing up and play acting as their favourite Disney characters and getting costumes will be relatively easy as fancy dress and toy shops will be sure to stock these kinds of items. You can then use the film to inspire things like food and party games, from simple ideas like finding some themed wrapping paper for pass the parcel to updating a classic game like “pin the tail on the donkey” to incorporate a character from the film, in the case of the Lion King you could “pin the tail on Simba”. As you can see pretty soon you will have a great party them idea that everyone will enjoy.

You use this approach for adult parties to the same great effect. The time you spend at the beginning thinking of your party them idea will pay dividends later on. Something that employs a dressing up theme is a good ice breaker as people will chat and make new friends as they have fun discussing each others costumes. You can elaborate on a theme such as a 70’s party by making sure you have access to great music from that period and could even research the kind of food people were eating and provide something fun like a fondue for everyone. If fancy dress up isn’t for you, it’s still possible to theme your party by getting everyone to wear a particular colour or you could even have a murder mystery evening. Just have fun with your chosen party theme idea and your guests will have a night to remember!